For our corporate clients, attracting and keeping the best and brightest in today’s highly competitive business environment require comprehensive and attractive employee benefits plans.

Compensating employees with good benefits makes them feel appreciated and valued, which increases their productivity and efficiency. Combined with cost containment that respects corporate budgets, our plans and programs maximize the potential for business success.

Employee satisfaction and cost containment

Our approach

Developing long-term, value-added relationships with owners and employees is important to us, which is why we make it a priority to get to know our clients. Having a thorough understanding of their business and their business objectives gives us the knowledge we need to provide a comprehensive review of their existing benefits and a report as to their effectiveness and value.

Our experience of many years working with Atlantic Canadian companies tells us that the challenge is not so much finding a low-cost alternative, but rather finding a benefits provider that can maintain competitive pricing over long periods of time. That’s why we conduct a market search to obtain quotes and comparisons for employee health and retirement plans, and to discover new and more effective ways of managing benefits. We monitor all employee benefits programs to ensure that they remain competitive.

Our benefits providers and partners

To keep apprised of our clients’ needs, we build strong relationships with them, just as we do with the many well-respected benefits providers we work with. We represent Canadian companies such as Great West Life, Manulife, Blue Cross and CADA 360, a division of the Canadian Automobile Dealers Association, for whom we are part of an exclusive group of advisors in Atlantic Canada. Each of the partners we work with sets the highest professional standards of excellence, which is why they trust us to extend the best possible service to Atlantic Canadians.

CADA 360

We are proud to represent The Canadian Automobile Dealers Association through CADA 360. In fact, Chamberlain Wealth Management is one of only a handful of companies in Atlantic Canada with an exclusive relationship with CADA 360, the insurer with the nation’s most popular employee benefits plans for dealers in new cars and trucks. 

All dealers know that providing their employees with benefits plans that reflect how much they are valued and appreciated translates into higher productivity. Dealers also know that our knowledge and experience, combined with our exclusive relationship with CADA 360, guarantee they will receive the attention they deserve.

Our plans

We offer a comprehensive range of plans customized to our clients’ objectives, including:

  • Employee and dependents’ life insurance, critical illness, long-term disability, extended health, vision and dental
  • Employee assistance programs
  • Wellness programs
  • Registered Pension Plans
    • Group Registered Pension Plans
    • Individual Pension Plans
    • Group Retirement Savings Plans