Understanding and managing risk are at the very core of our planning philosophy. 

Given the ups and downs of the marketplace, our process ensures the lowering of unnecessary risk as much as possible by using products and plans such as RRSPs and tax-free savings accounts.

Lowering unnecessary taxes and using the savings to invest prudently ensures that our clients have as much money as possible to invest in building their financial future. We strive to educate clients about the important relationship that exists between risk and return, and how essential it is to build a realistic and realizable plan for the future.

Retirement means many different things to many different people.

For some, it means just taking life easy. For others, it means a time to travel, a time to reinvent themselves, a time to embark on bold new adventures.

Regardless of one’s retirement goals, for those goals to be realized, it is essential to have precise planning and disciplined financial management that identifies sources of income, limits the risks of outliving your money, and implements a tax-effective way to spend and manage investment assets.

In a world where financial markets are so volatile that everything can change in a heartbeat, our clients trust our judgment to ensure that their retirement is as secure and enriching as possible.

Our annual review process involves steps to ensure our clients’ assets are on track to maintain an enriched retirement. This process includes annual client engagement, checkups on portfolio value, and maintenance of our retirees’ portfolios as their income-needs change. Our primary goal with all retirees we engage is to ensure that their retirement income is consistent.